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Expand Your Global Mindset

WIW-Salyers1As the world and its economies and people become more interconnected, it is essential that Wake Forest University graduates develop a global mindset and intercultural skills during their college experience. Intercultural skills will enable Wake Forest graduates to work with or interact with people from diverse racial, national and cultural backgrounds, whether in business, graduate school, the non-profit world, community service, or in life.

The term “intercultural skills” covers a wide range of skills or competencies that are typically transferable from one context to another.  Many students develop one or more of these skills while on campus in their course work, through an internship or service opportunity, or through a leadership experience. Many students develop one or more of these skills when studying abroad or traveling abroad for a research project, internship, or service project.

Click here to see a short list of some of the dozens of intercultural skills that you can develop and enhance.

In 2014-2015, the Center for Global Programs and Studies will host a series of speakers who will speak about how global mindset and intercultural skills have been valuable in their own lives and professions. Visit the Upcoming Speakers page for details.

There are also numerous resources for learning about global mindset, culture, intercultural awareness and sensitivity, and intercultural skills in general. Interaction with people from other countries and reflecting on those experiences is essential in developing those skills and awareness.