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Expand Your Global Mindset

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As a student in the 21st century, the world can be your classroom.  But the learning and the need to interact across diverse cultures continues after you graduate, no matter where you end up living. Graduates who have developed a global mindset and an awareness of the world possess understanding and “soft skills” that are needed in all walks of life. Many employers are looking for graduates with these skill sets.

In academic year 2014-2015, Wake Forest is sponsoring the “Expand Your Global Mindset” speaker series. Each speaker in this speaker series will address useful aspects of expanding your global mindset and developing intercultural skills, whether for business, community service, non-profits, education, or life in general.

As part of your education, a global mindset can foster:

  • Openness towards others
  • A better understanding of differences
  • Greater curiosity
  • An ability to interact more effectively and appropriately across cultures
  • A better understanding of oneself
  • Opportunities for exchange, adventure, and exploration

Mark your calendar with the Upcoming Speakers:

Charles Hoots (Flyer)

October 7, 2014, 4:00 pm
404 ZSR Library (Auditorium)


Intercultural Skill Development

Intercultural skills are important components of a global mindset. The term “intercultural skills” covers a wide range of skills or competencies that are typically transferable from one context to another. Students who study abroad or travel abroad for research, volunteer work or other activities can develop such skills through interacting with others. Students who are unable to study abroad can also develop intercultural skills in their “own backyard,” also through interacting with culturally different others.

Click here to see a short list of some of the dozens of intercultural skills that you can develop and enhance as part of a global mindset.