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Upcoming Speakers

During Academic Year 2014-2015, the Wake Forest University Center for Global Programs and Studies is collaborating with offices and academic departments across campus, including the School of Business and the Office of Personal and Career Development, to host speakers from a myriad of different work and life perspectives regarding their experiences with the need for global mindset and intercultural skills in a globalizing world. Our goal is to explore these issues “in motion” as well as the value that individuals possessing a global mindset bring to an organization.


Don’t Show them the Soles of your Feet:
Tips for Navigating Intercultural Experiences

Charles Hoots

Independent Scholar

Tuesday October 7, 2014, 4:00 pm
404 ZSR Library (Auditorium) (view Flyer)

With engaging stories from 16 years abroad and travels to over 30 countries, Charles Hoots will share lessons for successful interaction across cultures.

Charles Hoots grew up in North Carolina and has spent the majority of his adult life abroad. He lived 16 years in Paris, France where he was a journalist and later a business consultant for numerous international clients. He also spent a year in Yemen research his first book, Tears of Sheba. More recently, he has pursued a second career as a veterinarian, working in Uganda, Kenya, and most recently, in South Sudan.