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During Academic Year 2014-2015, the Wake Forest University Center for Global Programs and Studies is collaborating with offices and academic departments across campus, including the School of Business and the Office of Personal and Career Development, to host speakers from a myriad of different work and life perspectives regarding their experiences with the need for global mindset and intercultural skills in a globalizing world. Our goal is to explore these issues “in motion” as well as the value that individuals possessing a global mindset bring to an organization.


Employer attitudes toward study abroad: Will my experience abroad help me get that job?

Dr. Michael (Mick) Vande Berg

Thursday April 16, 2015, 5:00 pm  (view flyer)

409 Benson Hall

“Studying abroad was a wonderful experience. Now that I’m interviewing for jobs, will that experience give me an advantage over students who didn’t study abroad? What can I do to help employers understand that I’ve developed qualities and skills they value?”


About the presenter:

Mick Vande Berg, Ph.D. will discuss research studies that he and others have carried out that explore these and related questions.  Students will leave with increased understanding about employer attitudes toward study abroad, and with a process that will help them communicate the value of their own experiences abroad to prospective employers.

Mick studied abroad in Mexico as a high school student, an experience that has deeply influenced the course of his life.  He has for extended periods of time lived, learned and worked in Spain and France.  He studied modern European History as an undergraduate and earned his doctorate in Comparative Literature, focusing on British, French and Spanish nineteenth- and  twentieth-century narrative.  In addition to his English-language translations of two classics of Spanish literature, he has published extensively on student learning abroad.  He has led several research projects focusing on various aspects of study abroad and is frequently invited to speak, in the U.S. and elsewhere, on international and intercultural topics and to deliver intercultural workshops and coaching to faculty and staff.

A senior faculty member of the Summer Institute for Intercultural Communication (SIIC), he is a founding Board member of the Forum on Education Abroad.  He has received both the Forum’s Peter A. Wollitzer award for his “remarkable effectiveness in influencing institutions of higher education to understand and support study abroad” and the 2014 IDI Intercultural Competence Award “for outstanding contributions to organizational development in increasing intercultural competence in study abroad.”