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Faculty International Development Seminars

The Provost Office for Global Affairs and the Center for Global Programs and Studies invite the submission of proposals for participation in a faculty development seminar held in Winter 2014-15 and Summer 2015. This year, one type of faculty development seminar is being offered.

CIEE is offering several International Faculty Development Seminars for Winter 2014-15 and Summer 2015. These can be seen at Seminars typically run for 1-2 weeks.  Proposals will be evaluated and up to five WFU faculty members will be chosen to participate.  The Office of Global Affairs and/or the Center for Global Programs and Studies will cover the cost of CIEE’s seminar fee, which includes all lectures, site visits, study tours, seminar materials, accommodations, two meals daily, transportation to included activities as well as entrance fees for included excursions, as well as up to $1000 of the cost of international airfare to the seminar location.  Faculty who are selected will be responsible for any portion of their international airfare over $1000 plus any other transportation costs, as well as passport costs or visa fees, one meal per day, personal expenses, and incidentals. Faculty are encouraged to check with their department regarding possible financial support.

Applications are due to by October 8, 2014 for Winter 2014-15 seminars (CIEE’s deadline is October 15, 2014) and by February 15, 2015 for Summer 2015 seminars (CIEE’s deadline is March 16, 2015).

To Apply:  Your written proposal (1-2 pages) should include an explanation of how the seminar you have chosen will concretely benefit your teaching and research interests.  Please attach an abbreviated CV (3-5 pages only).  Preference will be given to faculty members with less international experience and to those who will use the seminar to branch out beyond their present teaching/research interests.  Send your proposal directly to or Box 7385.

Questions?  Email or call 336-758-5938.