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WFU Fulbright alumni

Numerous Wake Forest University faculty and staff have received awards from the Fulbright Program to conduct research or teach overseas, or to visit foreign universities and organizations to build networks and collaborations. The following list shows those Wake Forest faculty and staff who are known to have received a Fulbright award.

Name Discipline Academic Year Country/Region Project Title
Sam Gladding Counseling 2012-2013 China Scholar-In-Residence
Sam Gladding Counseling 2009-2010 Turkey Scholar-In-Residence
Carolyn Couch Career Services 2009-2010 Germany U.S.-Germany International Education Administrators Program
Jonathan Duchac Business 2008-2009 Austria The Convergence of International Financial Reporting Standards and U.S. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
Sylvain Boko Economics 2008-2009 Uganda Governance and Economic Policy; Post-Conflict Reconstruction and Development: The Role of Decentralized Governance
David Weinstein Political Science 2008-2009 Germany Exile and Interpretation
Kristie Foley Global/Public Health 2006-2007 Hungary Public Health and Health Policy: Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Tobacco Control
Michaelle Browers Political Science 2005-2006 Yemen Cross-Ideological Alliances in the Arab Region: Strategic Framing and Ideological Transformation
Harold Holmes Student Life 2003-2004 Germany U.S.-Germany International Education Administrators Program
Joel Newman Law 1995 China Courses on international tax and professional responsibility
Alan Palmiter Law 1993-1994 Colombia Comparative Corporate Governance
Robert Evans Education 1993-1994 Germany Fulbright research in Kiel
Hank Kennedy Political Science 1990 Bangladesh
K.A.N. Luther Economics 1987 Japan
Robert Browne Biology 1987
Hank Kennedy Political Science 1984-1985 Pakistan
W.B. (Buck) Yearns History 1981-1982 India Fulbright research in Calcutta
Don Schoonmaker Political Science 1974-1975 Germany Fulbright research fellowship at the University of Munich
David Smiley History 1968-1969 France Fulbright research in Strasburg
James O’Flaherty German 1960-1961 Germany Fulbright research in Heidelberg


Wake Forest faculty or staff who have received a Fulbright award but are not on this list are invited to notify the Center for Global Programs and Studies, phone 336-758-5938.