2017-2018 Academic Information

Fall 2017: European Humanities-themed semester

  • FYS 100. Competition, Cooperation, and Consumption: Issues of Social Networks and Social Participation (3h) **Fulfills first-year seminar basic requirement**
  • SOC 151. Principles of Sociology (3h)  **Fulfills Division IV requirement**
  • INS 120. Danish Language and Culture (3h)
  • HMN 213. A Sense of Place in European Literature (3h)  **Fulfills Division II requirement**
  • ART 198. European Art of the 19th Century (3h)

Spring 2018: Global Perspectives-focused semester

  • COM 120. Introduction to Film & Media Aesthetics (3h)  **Fulfills Division IV requirement**
  • COM/FLM/WGS 370. Gender in Nordic Cinema (3h)
  • REL 389. Islam in the West: Changes & Challenges (3h)
  • ENV 301. Sustainable Development in Northern Europe (3h)
  • POL 235. The European Game of Politics: Crisis and Survival (3h)


Important Note:

Students who are interested in pursuing a pre-health (pre-medicine, pre-dentistry, etc), business, or engineering major during their time at Wake Forest should note that these majors may have pre-requisites that typically are taken during the first-year and cannot be earned via the Global AWAKEnings program.

Should you have any curricular questions, please contact Janice Claybrook.