Global Villages

Welcome to the Global Village! 

The Global Villages will consist of both domestic and international students from a broad spectrum of majors who will not only collaboratively explore a global theme through curricular and co-curricular activities, but also reside together for a full academic year. The program will provide intentional time for joint social, cultural and intellectual development across participants within the Global Villages and foster engagement with the broader Wake Forest community. Student participants will act as “global ambassadors” to the larger Wake Forest campus community, helping to shift the entire campus toward a stronger global community. The Global Villages will also play a much-needed integration role for international students, who will be more connected to their domestic counterparts, and may serve as mentors for their fellow international students. Thus, the Global Villages will act as incubators for change by providing students with holistic, residential curricular and co-curricular experiences that foster academic achievement and persistence, further develop global mindsets and contribute to a broader global campus culture.