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Arrival Form

This form is intended for use by new international J1 scholars.

Returning international students or scholars may fill out the top portion of this form to update address and contact information but are not required to re-submit their documents.

In order to maintain compliance with the SEVIS system, we must have updated and accurate addresses and emergency contact information for each student and scholar.

Please fill in each field below and submit the form, all information will remain confidential within the Center for International Studies.

For new incoming J1 scholars, you will be required to submit the following documents in order for us to register your record in SEVIS:

  1. Passport Data Page
  2. Visa Stamp
  3. DS2019 (J1 Scholars)
  4. I-94 record
  5. Proof of Insurance

Complete this form and attach scanned copies of the above documents at the bottom of this form.

(Keep in mind if you plan to travel outside the U.S. during your program here at Wake Forest you will need to have your DS2019 signed by Ms. Vinithra Sharma, she can reached on the Reynolda Campus in Reynolda Hall, Room 116).