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Dependent Invitation Form

F-2 & J-2

This form is to be used by those students and scholars who would like to invite a dependent to join them in the U.S.

The Center for Global Programs and Studies will issue the proper immigration document (I-20 or DS-2019) once the completed form has been received.

For students in the F-1 category, WFU requires the following amount in terms of available financial support for each sponsored dependent:


The principal visa holder can verify this amount through the presentation of current financial documents, such as a bank account balance, certificate of deposit, stock holdings, or some other type of financial asset that can be easily accessed and/or liquidated. Such things as real estate, jewelery or any other type of non-liquid asset may not be used as a source of financial support. Proof of financial support is not required of non-students in the J-1 category.

If you have questions about obtaining F-2 or J-2 status for your dependent, please contact Ms. Vinithra Sharma ( of the WFU Center for Global Programs and Studies.

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