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Curricular Practical Training

Curricular Practical Training Basics

CPT Application Documents

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  • Only F-1 students who have been in continuous, lawful status for a period of 9 months (2 semesters) or more are eligible to receive a period of CPT. An exception to this rule applies to graduate students whose program requires that they engage in curricular training prior to the one-year mark.
  • WFU requires that all students who engage in CPT obtain written consent from their academic advisor asserting that the proposed training is an integral part of the student’s academic program of study.

Part-Time CPT

  • No limit on the amount of time an F-1 student can perform part-time CPT.
  • Students approved for part-time CPT allowed to work a maximum of 20 hours per week.
  • Part-time CPT has no effect on optional practical training (OPT) eligibility.

Full-Time CPT

  • Student can work over 20 hours per week while performing full-time CPT.
  • Student who works more than one year (365 days) using full-time CPT is ineligible to receive Optional Practical Training (OPT).

CPT Dates

  • All CPT approvals will have a start and ending date, which will be listed on page three of Form I-20. A student is not allowed to begin work prior to the start date. Employment must cease on the end date listed on the I-20.

Designated Employer

  • CPT allows for an F-1 student to pursue off-campus employment with a designated employer. The employer’s name and address will be printed on page three of Form I-20.
  • Student is not allowed to work for an employer who is not listed on the I-20
  • If more than one employer is required, the student must have a separate CPT approval form for each employer.

Changing Employers

  • An F-1 student is allowed to change employers during the course of the CPT period, but the new employer and approved employment dates must be designated on the I-20. A new CPT approval form is necessary when changing employers.

Enrollment Requirement

  • An F-1 student who is approved for a period of full-time CPT while school is in session is required to remain enrolled on a full-time basis during the course of the employment. This does not apply to those students who perform full-time CPT during the summer break or during school holidays.

CPT Application Process

  1. For those students on the Reynolda Campus, approval for CPT is granted only by the Center for Global Programs and Studies.
  2. Student must first have his/her academic advisor complete the CPT application form. The advisor will attest to the fact that the proposed employment is integral to the student’s course of study and if applicable, that course credit will be earned upon successful completion of the curricular training.
  3. Submit the CPT application form along with a letter printed on official letter head from the employer. The letter must contain the following elements:
  • Brief description of employment
  • Name and telephone number of immediate supervisor
  • Address of place where student will be working
  • Estimated number of hours per week
  • Employment start date
  • Employment end date

Once all necessary documentation is received, a new I-20 form will be processed with the dates of the approved period of CPT on page three.

All CPT applicants must return the following documents to the Center for Global Programs and StudiesĀ before beginning employment:

  1. Completed Adviser Consent/Confirmation Form
  2. Letter from employer: Information that must be included in the letter can be found in the “CPT Rules and Regulations.”

If you have further questions regarding the CPT program, please set up a time to talk to the International Student Advisor.

Curricular Practical Application Documents


  1. CPT Rules and Regulations
  2. Adviser Consent/Confirmation Form (Schools of Business Graduate Students)
  3. Adviser Consent/Confirmation Form (All Other Students)