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Friendship Family Application Form (sponsors)

International Friendship Family Program

Wake Forest University Center for International Studies

As a Friendship Family you are asked to get together with with your student at least once a month, but you are certainly welcome to see each other more often depending on the student’s and your desire.  This activity can be a regular family event or a newly-created activity since cultural and traditional family events help the students acclimate to American life. The program is generally a 6-7 month commitment, but the rewards are lasting!

We appreciate your willingness to engage with Wake Forest international students by being part of the Friendship Family program. Most of our students’ families are thousands of miles away so students are eager to have a support system nearby to help them learn about American culture, customs and activities, to turn to for advice or a ride to the airport, or to just hang out with for a home-cooked meal.  We trust they will bring as much friendship to your lives as you do to theirs!