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Checking in with GPS

Center for Global Programs and Studies (GPS)

All new international students are required to check in with the Center for Global Programs and Studies IN PERSON no more than 30 days after their initial entry into the U.S.

When you come to the office, please bring the following documents with you so that photocopies can be made for your student file:

  • Passport
  • Visa Stamp in passport (exception: Canadian students will not have a visa stamp)
  • Form I20
  • I-94 Record (go to, enter your information into the online form, and print out the I-94 record)
  • Current local U.S. address
  • Current local U.S. telephone number

You will also be required to fill out an emergency contact information sheet when you arrive that will ask for your current U.S. address and telephone number (cell phone or land-line) so please have these on hand or in your memory when you check in. All information provided will remain confidential.

The office is located in 116 Reynolda Hall. This is building #5 on the Reynolda Campus map. Reynolda Campus Map for Int’l Students