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International Student Advisory Board

The Center for Global Programs and Studies is seeking undergraduate international student representatives to create a strong international student community that intends to serve the needs of fellow international students as well as create a global awareness among the larger Wake Forest community.

International Student Advisory Board Members 2012-2013

  1. Mari Ishibashi (): Senior, Economics Major, Japan
  2. Jake Graham (): Senior, Communication Major, Canada
  3. Keke Fang (): Junior, Finance Major, China
  4. Pietro Solidoro (): Junior, Business Major, Italy
  5. Henry Huang (): Junior, Mathematical Business Major, China
  6. Phoebe Kershaw (): Sophomore, Undeclared, Australia
  7. Feliciah Poh (): Senior, Psychology Major, Brunei
  8. Rachel Tucker (): Senior, Psychology Major, Bermuda
  9. Alex Rose (): Junior, Undeclared, Australia
  10. Chi Zhang (): Sophomore, Undeclared, China
  11. Minori Egashira (): Junior, Art History Major, Japan
  12. Lida Xu (): Sophomore, Undeclared, China
  13. Rae-Yao-Lee (): Sophomore, Undeclared, China


  • Create a strong international student community and presence on campus within which students can better network and gain a sense of agency to resolve issues and concerns
  • Initiate a strong peer mentoring program that will help incoming students to better adjust and adapt by sharing experiences and knowledge of adjusting to the social, academic and professional atmospheres at Wake Forest
  • Socially engage in the larger Wake Forest Community through team-oriented activities such as intramural sports, Hit the Bricks, D.E.S.K. among many others
  • Plan smaller social events for fellow international students during which students can get to know each other better
  • Collaborate with faculty, staff, and other student organizations to seek solutions to international student concerns
  • Create a sense of companionship and foster a sense of inclusion into a social group tailored specifically for international students


  • Willingness to commit to the International Student Advisory Board and contribute to teamwork for the entire 2013-2014 academic year
  • Ability to attend regular meetings twice a month
  • Ability to help plan and attend additional events put on by both the Advisory Board and GPS
  • Provide experience, insight, information and assistance to peers about the international student experience
  • Create a comfortable environment for fellow peers and incoming students to openly discuss issues and concerns
  • Represent GPS and International Student Advisory Board responsibly, accurately and professionally


  • Advising, mentoring and leadership experience
  • Enhance public speaking and intercultural communication skills
  • The opportunity to share your experiences as an international student with your peers
  • Build relationships with fellow international students to create a stronger international presence on campus
  • Opportunity to interact with various faculty, staff, and student and professional organizations on campus

The positions currently available are:

  1. Treasurer
  2. Secretary
  3. Board Member

You may apply for any and all positions. Selections will be made and notifications will be sent out by mid-late June.

The deadline for applications for the 2013-2014 school year is Friday June 14, 2013 by midnight.