Legal English Summer Program

Legal English Summer Program

Legal English Summer Program is an intensive three-to-four week academic program for students wishing to improve their skills with legal English and their knowledge of the US legal system. It is designed for incoming LLM (Masters of American Law) students and any students interested in American law.

Why Take the Legal English Summer Program?

By taking this program you benefit from a head start and orientation to the type of work you will do as a student of American law, building confidence for your graduate study. In addition, you will have the advantage of settling in to your new surroundings early, before the start of your LLM classes.

The Legal English Summer Program does not grant academic credit.

Areas of Focus

  • Overview of the US legal (common law) system and its relation to the US system of government.
  • Case reading –this program provides detailed, step-by-step guidance for reading cases (court decisions) in areas such as contracts, torts, and property.
  • Legal vocabulary –you get intensive practice using key words and high-frequency expressions common throughout your study of law.
  • Oral skills practice, especially of key legal terms.
  • Feedback and advice on your writing
  • Guidance for adjusting to US academic culture and classroom expectations
  • Cultural and historical issues relevant to legal studies

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