Study Abroad, Fall 2020 FAQ

I read that all study abroad programs (i.e. Wake Forest and Affiliate) have been cancelled for Fall 2020. Can I petition to study abroad with an Affiliate program if they are still planning to run?
We anticipate that many of our Affiliate programs will continue to cancel their programs. Even if they do not cancel, there is no petition process for Affiliate programs for Fall 2020. You would have to withdraw from Wake Forest in order to study abroad. There is no guarantee that credits would transfer back to Wake Forest, and most programs require that you be currently enrolled in a college or university.

How should I go about registering for Reynolda Campus courses?
You should consult with your academic adviser about registering for fall courses. Academic departments are aware of study abroad cancellations and are prepared to work with students for their course needs. Similarly, as indicated in President Hatch’s email on June 12, the fall course schedule, including updated information about course modalities, will be finalized by July 15. The Office of the University Registrar and faculty advisers will contact students to provide information about updated registration processes before this date. Undergraduate students will be able to build or adjust their fall schedules, taking into account our new, rich mix of offerings.

What am I supposed to do about on-campus housing?
As you know, the Office of Residence Life and Housing already postponed the housing selection process, so no students have gone through room selection. As additional information regarding plans for Wake Forest’s fall semester are announced on June 30, you will receive communication directly from the Office of Residence Life and Housing with any pertinent information concerning the fall housing selection process.

Will study abroad programs be offered in the spring semester?
Circumstances permitting, our plan is to offer a full slate of study abroad programs for the Spring 2021 semester. As such, applications are currently being accepted and study abroad advisers are available throughout the summer and fall to speak with students.

I was planning to study abroad with the Wake Forest program in Barcelona, where there are core business courses specifically designed for ACC/BEM/FIN students. Will these same business courses be offered in the spring semester?
The core business courses are not typically offered in the spring semester in Barcelona. However, the Center for Global Programs & Studies is already working on the possibility that one or more of these classes (or similar) can be offered therein Spring 2021.

Is the Center for Global Programs & Studies available this summer so that I can talk about my future study abroad plans?
Yes, GPS can be reached by emailing or by calling
336.758.5938. During the summer, advisors are generally available Monday-Thursday from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Eastern.

Has the Wake Washington program also been cancelled for the Fall 2020 semester?
No. At this time, we continue to monitor the situation regarding our Wake Washington program and intend to make a decision by July 15 as to whether it will be offered or not.

Is the Wake West program affected by this decision?
The Wake West program is a spring-only program, so it is not affected by this decision. As is the case for Spring 2021 study abroad programs, it is our expectation to offer Wake West in the spring — conditions permitting. Applications are currently being accepted.