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Connect@Wake is a one-week one-credit academic course that introduces students to the leadership structure, academic expectations, norms, and realities of Wake Forest University. Connect@Wake students will enhance their written communication and presentation skills so that they are able to deepen the relationships they form with faculty, staff, and students. These connections provide you a “mental map” of the people on campus so that you know who can help you when you face challenges such as visas, roommate issues, or library research.

This program has been canceled for Summer 2020.

On May 15th, President Hatch announced that Summer Session II courses would be conducted remotely. Due to these changes and the safety of our students, faculty, and staff, the Global Connections team has decided to cancel Connect@Wake this August.

We encourage you to enroll in one of our two first-year seminar courses offered in the fall 2020 semester just for international students.  Both courses are taught by Dr. Jon Smart who works closely with the Global Connections team. The two courses are FYS 100: Languages of the Carolinas and FYS 100: Discourse Communities in the University. Please see the following descriptions for each course:

CRN: 98267


Professor Jon Smart, Department of English and the Writing Program

Participants in this seminar explore how language, identity, and place are all interrelated through examining the languages and dialects of North and South Carolina.  In the course, we will explore differences in pronunciation and vocabulary, the history of languages spoken in the Carolinas, as well as the stories of the people who speak to them.  As part of the class, we collect and analyze language data first-hand and engage in critical discussions on issues relevant to local communities.

Note: The professor for this class will also serve as a lower-division adviser for students enrolled.

CRN: 98268


Professor Jon Smart, Department of English and the Writing Program

In this seminar, students examine how discourse communities are created and sustained at a university.  As part of the course, students will analyze how language is used across modes of communication (from speech to writing) in both academic and day-to-day situations.  The seminar will address questions of how meaning and ideas are co-created in academic discourse as well as more pragmatic analyses of how work is conducted and negotiated by faculty, staff, and students on campus. Students in the course will meet and interact with a range of university programs in class and through extracurricular activities. These encounters will serve the primary purpose of providing students with material content for analyzing how these communities work and interact (and a secondary purpose of helping first-year students find avenues to join the university discourse communities that match their own interests/values).

At A Glance

Eligibility: Rising, first-year international undergraduate students accepted to Wake Forest University

Program Length: 1 week
Academic Credit: 1 credit

July 2020 Shanghai, PRC

Canceled for Summer 2020

August 6-12, 2020
Wake Forest University
Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Canceled for Summer 2020

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