Connect@Wake: Shanghai 2020 Canceled

Join Wake Forest University in China

We appreciate your interest in our Connect@Wake program in Shanghai.  Due to the current change in Wake’s summer abroad program policy, The Connect@Wake team has canceled the program in Shanghai.  Our Connect@Wake program on campus in Winston-Salem is set to happen on August 6-12.  We hope that you consider applying for the Campus program.

At A Glance

Eligibility: Rising, first-year international undergraduate students accepted to Wake Forest University

Dates: Canceled

Credit: 1 credit

Tuition: US$1200

Location: Shanghai, PRC

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is eligible to apply to Connect@Wake: Shanghai?

    Incoming first-year students accepted to Wake Forest University and are able to get to Shanghai are invited to apply to Connect@Wake: Shanghai.

    All first-year international students accepted to Wake Forest University are invited to apply to Connect@Wake: WFU Campus.

  • How much does Connect@Wake: Shanghai cost?

    The comprehensive program fee for Connect@Wake: Shanghai is USD $1200, which includes tuition, academic instruction, housing, meals, and evening activities.

    If you are accepted to Connect@Wake: Shanghai, you will make your program fee payment via Flywire in the same manner you pay your semester tuition to Wake Forest University.

  • Do I earn college credit for Connect@Wake: Shanghai?

    Yes, you earn one credit for successful completion of the course at Connect@Wake: Shanghai.

  • How many students participate in the course?

    Connect@Wake Shanghai participation is capped at 25 students. We will have two cohorts of 12-13 students each.

    This cohort size ensures individual student attention. The small course size provides an opportunity for students to form strong relationships and connections with the faculty, staff, and students prior to arriving in the United States.

  • Who will I meet from Wake Forest University at Connect@Wake: Shanghai?

    Please click here to check the updated list of Wake Forest University faculty, staff, and students who will be present at Connect@Wake: Shanghai

  • Can I have outside visitors/overnight guests during Connect@Wake: Shanghai?

    Please encourage your friends and family to give you this time without interruption. We have a very busy schedule (day and night) and cannot accommodate visitors. Overnight guests are not allowed in the Connect@Wake: Shanghai venue.

  • Can I still attend pre-orientation programs at Wake Forest?

    Yes. In fact, we expect you to arrive at Wake Forest University campus in Winston-Salem, North Carolina on International Student Arrival Day.

    On International Student Arrival Days, students are welcomed to Wake Forest University, set up a bank account, and register for a cell phone.

    After students complete International Student Arrival Days, they participate in a pre-orientation program and Wake Forest University Orientation. More details will be communicated to you from ISSS.

  • How will participating in Connect@Wake: Shanghai benefit me?

    Research shows that students have better academic adjustment at college when they participate in academically-focused bridge or pre-orientation programs. Additionally, students have better social experiences when they build relationships prior to arriving on campus.

    Through Connect@Wake: Shanghai, you will enhance your already strong academic writing and presentation skills so that you are better able to deepen the relationships you form with faculty, staff, and students at Wake Forest University. You will also receive important insider information about the academic norms and expectations at Wake Forest University, which differ from those at other colleges or universities in the US.

    As you continue in Global Connections during your first year at Wake Forest University, you will further hone these skills while engaging with student-run organizations and other campus leaders.