In the Explorer program, WFU Global Outreach staff work directly with international high schools to determine which university courses taught by WFU faculty would be best for the school and its students and families.

Flexibility and collaboration with high schools are defining aspects of the Explorer program. Instead of prescribing a certain course, we provide a framework and structure for jointly determining which disciplines are preferred and during which dates and times.

Courses offered through the Explorer program are seminar-style classes, typically capped at 20 students. Students and the professor investigate a narrowly-focused topic. Learn more about Explorer classes on the Program Description.


Explorer Program Options

  • Length: 1 week – 3 weeks
  • Availability: Year-round. Most availability May-August and January
  • Continuation: Opportunity for on-going communication and project work through school year
  • Students: High school students of all grades are eligible.
  • College Credit: College credit is available for students entering or in their final year of high school. Exceptions may be made in certain circumstances due to student suitability and preparedness.

Enrollment per Class

  • Minimum: 10 students
  • Maximum: 20 students
  • Application: Students complete an online application. WFU works with the student’s high school to determine a acceptance into the program.

Course Auditing and Course Credit

  • Students who are not eligible for credit as well as students who elect not to take the class for credit are able to audit the course.
  • Students who audit a course do not receive credit, but do receive a Wake Forest transcript noting their auditing of the course.
  • Students in their final year of high school and those whose applications demonstrate exceptional preparedness may take courses for credit. An additional tuition payment is required to take the course for credit.

Global Certificates and Diploma

  • Wake Forest University has outlined five themes of global citizenship. Each Wake Forest Global Explorer course aligns with one of these five themes.
  • Students receive a certificate for each theme taught in the class. For example, if a student completes a course in biology aligned with a Global Inquiry framework, the student would receive a Wake Forest Explorer Global Inquiry Certificate.
  • Students earning all five Wake Forest Explorer Global Certificates receive the Wake Forest Explorer Global Diploma