Past Speakers

Friends Beyond Borders

Roger Baumgarte
Professor Emeritus of Psychology, Winthrop University, and author of Friends Beyond Borders

Tuesday April 7, 2015, 5:00 pm
101 Carswell Hall

Dr. Baumgarte’s presentation will be about something most of us take for granted, our friendships. The main thrust of his work, based on years of cross-cultural research, examines how cultures differ in their understanding of what it means to be a close friend. That is, how being a close friend in, say, Seoul or Paris might be understood and experienced differently than in New York or Winston-Salem. Given our interconnected and highly mobile world, however, the various cultural styles of friendships he describes could be found anywhere, perhaps even among your closest friends.

About the presenter:
Roger Baumgarte earned his doctorate in cognitive psychology in 1973 from Bowling Green University and then taught at Winthrop University in South Carolina for 30 years. In the latter half of his career, he specialized in cross-cultural psychology, focusing his research on cultural differences in close friendships. As a popular teacher, he won campus-wide awards for his work with students, and especially enjoyed serving as director of the International Center where he advised international students coming to campus as well as U.S. students studying abroad.

While on yearlong leaves of absence from Winthrop, he taught at the American University in Paris and for the University of Maryland overseas programs in South Korea. He speaks fluent French, much less fluent Spanish, and a smattering of Korean, Italian, Russian, and Polish. In addition to the research on friendship, he has provided numerous workshops aimed at helping immigrants and visitors adjust to living and working in the U.S.

Cultural Competency:
Your Key to Global Adventure and Lifelong Career Success

Mary Beth Lamb
Senior Consultant, Lamb and Associates; adjunct faculty, Carlson School of Business, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

Thursday March 19, 2015, 5:00 pm
Broyhill Auditorium, Farrell Hall

How can you prepare yourself today for the global marketplace of the 21st century? Develop cultural competency, of course!
Mary Beth Lamb will explore why many businesses today are investing in cultural competency as a key to their success. A former journalist and business owner, she has worked with businesses on five continents to develop effective international communication and leadership skills.

Mary Beth has built and sold two international communications consulting businesses in Europe and the United States and served as a senior consultant at two leading human performance improvement companies, ProGroup and Wilson Learning Worldwide. In 1998, Wilson Learning acquired the intercultural training company she co-founded in 1991, Transnational Strategies, Inc.

Mary Beth co-authored the critically acclaimed book Do’s and Taboos around the World for Women in Business, published by John Wiley and Sons in 1997 and reissued in China in 2004. She also contributed to Global Women Healers, published in 2010, and has been interviewed by media ranging from “The Wall Street Journal” to “National Public Radio.” She has written articles and been cited as a global competency expert for professional journals and magazines.
She pursued graduate studies in intercultural communications at the University of Oregon, and in international politics and history at the Albert Ludwig Universitaet in Germany. She designed her own undergraduate degree, and holds a Phil Beta Kappa degree in international communications from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. For the last 15 years Lamb has been an adjunct faculty member at the University of Minnesota, Carlson School of Business, where she specializes in global workforce development.

“Expand your Global Mindset”

Dr. Melenie Lankau, Senior Associate Dean of Diversity and Global Initiatives and Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior
Wake Forest School of Business

Thursday September 25, 2014, 3:30 pm
351 Farrell Hall

“Don’t Show them the Soles of your Feet: Tips for Navigating Intercultural Experiences”

Charles Hoots, Independent Scholar
Tuesday October 7, 2014, 4:00 pm
404 ZSR Library

With engaging stories from 16 years abroad and travels to over 30 countries, Charles Hoots shared lessons for successful interaction across cultures.

Charles Hoots grew up in North Carolina and has spent the majority of his adult life abroad. He lived 16 years in Paris, France where he was a journalist and later a business consultant for numerous international clients. He also spent a year in Yemen researching his first book, Tears of Sheba. More recently, he has pursued a second career as a veterinarian, working in Uganda, Kenya, and most recently, in South Sudan.