Global AWAKEnings

Welcome to Global AWAKEnings!

Wake Forest University’s world-class, first-year abroad experience in Copenhagen, Denmark – a city at the heart of both medieval and modern-day Europe.

Students participating in the first-year abroad experience will engage in challenging coursework led by Wake Forest and Danish faculty members who bring real life practice from their fields into the classroom.  Through hands-on learning opportunities, expert guest lectures, and faculty-led study tours across Europe to other Wake Forest study abroad locations such as London, Venice, and Vienna, students will gain new and meaningful perspectives on both their academic studies and the world at large.

In our globally interconnected society, a need for dynamic, adaptable, and inquisitive minds is essential.  By experiencing a first-year abroad, students will broaden their intellectual horizons, discover Europe, enhance eventual majors, and grow as individuals.  Students will return to Wake Forest equipped with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to thrive on campus and beyond.

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Janice Claybrook
Assistant Director of Study Abroad/
Program Coordinator for Global AWAKEnings
Center for Global Programs and Studies
Wake Forest University