Academic Information

Fall 2022: European Humanities-themed semester

  • FYS 100: You Are What You Wear (3h)
    **Fulfills first-year seminar basic requirement**
  • INS 120: Danish Language and Culture (3h)
  • HMN 213: A Sense of Place in European Lit. (3h)
    **Fulfills Division II requirement**
  • ART 198: European Art of the 19th Century (3h)
  • THE 110: Introduction to Theatre (3h)
    **Fulfills Division III requirement**

Spring 2023: Global Perspectives-focused semester

  • ECN 150: Introduction to Economics (3h)
    **Fulfills Division IV requirement**
  • ENV 301: Sustainable Development in Northern Europe (3h)
  • POL 235: The European Game of Politics: Crisis and Survival (3h)
  • HST 102: Europe and the World (3h)
    **Fulfills Division I requirement**
  • HST 350: World Economic History (3h)
    **Fulfills Cultural Diversity requirement**

Should you have any curricular questions, please contact Janice Claybrook.


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Janice Claybrook
Assistant Director of Study Abroad/
Program Coordinator for Global AWAKEnings

Center for Global Programs and Studies
Wake Forest University