Q: Who is eligible for Global AWAKEnings?

First-year applicants to Wake Forest University are eligible to apply.

Q: What is the duration of the program?

Global AWAKEnings is in session for the duration of the academic year (fall and spring) in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Q: How do I apply for Global AWAKEnings?

You may indicate your interest in the first-year abroad experience via the Wake Forest Admission Application. To apply to Global AWAKEnings, please complete the Global AWAKEnings Application.

Q: Can I talk to a staff member?

Yes!  We welcome your questions.  You may reach a staff member at 336.758.5938 or contact Janice Claybrook (Global AWAKEnings Program Coordinator) by email at claybrjw@nullwfu.edu.

Q: How much does the program cost?

Global AWAKEnings participants pay Wake Forest (on-campus) tuition and housing costs.  Indirect costs include meals, books, transportation, and personal expenses.

Q: Where will I live?

Students live in a residential community with a first-year cohort, Wake Forest resident advisor, and a Danish social and residential advisor.  A Wake Forest professor also serves as an on-site faculty member in Copenhagen.

Q: Will all of my credits earned during the program count towards graduation?

Yes.  Wake Forest credit is received for all classes taken.

Q: How big is the program?

The Wake Forest cohort will consist of 15-20 first-year students. 

Q: Who are the residential staff members?

A Wake Forest resident advisor lives within the residential community and has been professionally trained to live and work with students in a residential setting.  Along with the Wake Forest staff member, a Danish social and residential advisor also lives with the first-year student cohort.

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Janice Claybrook
Assistant Director of Study Abroad/
Program Coordinator for Global AWAKEnings

Center for Global Programs and Studies
Wake Forest University