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Jenna at a GameWake Forest students reflect on their participation in CCE courses:

“I participated in the Cross Cultural Engagement courses to gain support before, during and after my time in Florence. This program forced me to think outside my comfort zone and to truly expand my horizons. I found [INS 152] to be most helpful, as it gave me the opportunity to process everything I had experienced during the previous semester in Italy.  Without this course, I probably would not have realized the true magnitude of my experience and personal growth.”

– Jenna, studied in Italy during Fall 2008

Virginia in Paris“Coming back from abroad was more difficult than I thought. The INS 152 course allowed me to share experiences and reflect on them in a comfortable atmosphere. It also helped to hear the different issues other students were facing and to work through them together. Through this course, I was able to wrap up my study abroad experience in a positive way and to learn how to continue using the things I had learned in the future.”

– Virginia, studied in France during Fall 2009

“After retuning from a four month study abroad experience in Cameroon, the INS 152 class truly helped me to readjust to American life and reflect on my life changing experience in Central Africa.  The relaxed classroom atmosphere facilitated stimulating class discussion in which I was able to share my own experiences and learn from my classmates’ experiences.  Most importantly, the INS 152 course helped me to find ways to stay connected to the Cameroonian culture.”

– Laura, studied in Cameroon during Fall 2009

Meeting a friend in Jordan“The Cross-Cultural Engagement program gave me the ability to step out of my comfort zone and live like a local while I was abroad.”

– Kyle, studied in Jordan during Spring 2008

“INS 152 helped me better understand the practical benefits of my time abroad, and provided a great forum for comparing experiences with other students who studied in places across the world.”

– Will, studied in Spain during Fall 2009

A visit to France“Each INS course helped me in a different way, but there’s no denying that they helped me. The first course [INS 150] made me aware of the possible difficulties I would face abroad. Knowing about culture shock and having tools in my mind to counter it was very valuable during my semester abroad. The second course [INS 151] helped me experience my host culture in depth by encouraging me to be observant and reflective. All of the assignments were fun and pushed me to do things I might not have done on my own. The support that the third course [INS 152] offered was invaluable. Coming back from abroad was the most difficult thing for me and having other students and a teach who understood this challenge helped me get back into the swing of things at Wake, as well as helping me to realize the richness of my experience.  I became good friends with another student from INS 152 and often times we share our experiences from abroad and post-abroad as we try to deal with our changes and the changes that our friends made when we were away.”

Antonina, studied at the Worrell House in London during Spring 2008