Three courses are available to help you make the most of your study abroad program, Richter Scholarship-funded research trip, or service trip. These courses will help you develop skills necessary to study, live and work effectively in cultures other than your own. Enrolling in these courses is voluntary and is not required for you to study or travel abroad.

The International Studies (INS) subject code is now Contemporary Global Studies (CGS), effective Fall 2022.

CGS 150 (Preparing for Cross-Cultural Engagement Abroad):

Introduces you to cultural basics and skills needed for understanding and interacting with people in other cultures. Assignments familiarize you with host-country specifics and prepare you for a successful stay – whether in a homestay, WFU house, dorm or apartment. This is a half-semester course, taken in the semester before you study abroad. (1h P-POI)

CGS 151 (Cross-Cultural Engagement Abroad):

This course helps you maximize immersion and exposure to different aspects of the host culture.  A mixture of interactive activities and reflections on your experiences, it is designed to help you develop a deeper understanding of the culture in which you are living.  In the process, you will learn more about yourself as well.  Taken while you are abroad. (1h P-POI)

CGS 152 (Cross-Cultural Engagement and Re-entry):

Provides opportunities to reflect on your experience abroad and your re-entry to life in the US. You will delve deeper into culture and also learn how to leverage your international experience for jobs, careers, or further international experience. Half-semester, taken in the semester after you studied abroad. (1h P-POI)

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