Porshe Chiles

Porshe Chiles is an Assistant Director for Cross-Cultural Engagement in the Center for Global Programs and Studies. Her work is aimed at fostering meaningful intra-cultural and intercultural relationships & understanding from a global context. Her experiences include: English Language Teacher,  co-creator and co-facilitator for the Introduction to Study Abroad course at the University of North Texas, where she also served as the Study Abroad Exchange Coordinator.

Dr. Nelson Brunsting

Nelson is a WFU alum and currently serves as the Director of Global Outreach and Assessment in the Center for Global Programs and Studies. Nelson’s experience in international education includes completing his MA abroad, serving as a resident advisor for the WFU Flow House in Vienna, and teaching courses in a bridge program at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.

Andrew Smith

Andrew is a Wake Forest alum who has significant experience living and working abroad. He has worked in France and Bosnia, and has traveled extensively in Nepal, Ecuador, Egypt, Turkey and around Europe.  He also has extensive experience teaching English as a second language to immigrants around the U.S.