Global Laureates Academy

A network of Students, Faculty and Staff dedicated to making a globally-focused impact on the WFU campus community.


Deadline: Tuesday, 2/16/2021


Congratulations to our 2021 Global Laureates for completing their program requirements:

  • Kat Caesar, ’22, Politics & International Affairs
  • Summer Krstevska, Research & Instruction Librarian, ZSR
  • Rebecca Leathers, ’22, Business & Enterprise Management
  • Akaya Lewis, ’22, Sociology
  • Jo Lowe, Instructional Technology Consultant, College Academic Computing
  • Brittany Wallace, ’21, Mathematics
  • Hu Womack, Instruction & Outreach Librarian, ZSR


The Global Laureates Academy (GLA) is a network of faculty, staff and students who aim to make an impact on the Wake Forest University community by exploring topics and challenges associated with the five global learning threads.

  • Intercultural Inquiry: Interpret global events, values, and practices from multiple cultural perspectives. 
  • Self Awareness: Explain how their own perspectives and experiences influence their understanding of other cultures. 
  • Citizenship/Community Interaction: Collaborate across diverse cultures and settings to address complex global challenges. 
  • Intercultural Communication: Negotiate intercultural interactions using appropriate verbal and nonverbal communication skills. 
  • Global Responsibility: Formulate solutions to global challenges through informed decision-making and reflection. 

— See the full schedule for Spring 2021 —

Faculty, staff and students may apply during the fall semester each year. Completion of the GLA will take three semesters, and includes both collaborative learning and independent reflection. Each spring a new cohort will engage in a series of workshops that address relevant topics aligned with the five global learning threads. Self-selected small groups will then propose and implement a final project that will positively impact the Wake Forest global campus community. This three-semester program concludes with an opportunity for participants to share their projects with each other and the leadership team of the Center for Global Programs & Studies.

Participants successfully completing all requirements will become a WFU Global Laureate, earning recognition on our website and a memento for their participation.


Sandra Lisle McMullen
Assistant Director for Global Campus Programs
Center for Global Programs and Studies
Wake Forest University

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