About the Global Village

The Global Village Living & Learning Community consists of globally-minded students from a broad spectrum of majors who reside together for a full academic year and commit to collaboratively explore a global theme through curricular and co-curricular activities. The Global Village is an intentional community focused on cultivating social, cultural, and intellectual development of participants and is designed to foster engagement with the broader Wake Forest community.

All Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors in good standing are eligible, and are expected to apply in the spring semester for housing for the following academic year.

As a part of the Global Village, students enroll in a 1.5 credit hour course each semester and participate in regular social and co-curricular experiences. This LLC is a part of the Residence Life & Housing Residential Engagement Communities and is jointly conducted by the Center for Global Programs & Studies.

Interested in joining the Global Village?

Questions: Contact Kim Snipes, Program Coordinator for the Global Village at snipeskb@wfu.edu.

Residential Community Expectations

  • Enroll in 1.5 credit hour course (INS 130) each semester.
  • Participate in co-curricular Global Village activities throughout the semester.
  • All LLC members will be held to the standards of conduct outlined in the Residential Group Responsibility section of the Guide to Community Living and the Student Code of Conduct. Conduct violations by a LLC or individual within the LLC may result in the reassignment of a student or dissolution of the LLC as a whole. (Pg. 32-33: http://static.wfu.edu/files/pdf/students/judicial-handbook.pdf)
  • Expectations for LLC member engagement will be further defined by the Global Village faculty and their INS 130 course syllabus each semester.
  • Expectations for LLC member engagement will be further defined by the Global Community Advisor(s) under the guidance of the LLC’s program coordinator.
  • Accepted students will be asked to sign a contract outlining expectations for conduct and engagement in LLC activities.

Gender-Neutral Housing Option

  • You will have the opportunity to opt in to a gender-neutral suite. Such housing would consist of a suite with private bathrooms (toilet and shower areas) and would be mixed-gender. Roommates will only be paired together if they self-identify as the same gender or request one another, and a limited number of singles will be available.
  • Gender-neutral housing is not intended for students in a romantic relationship. Upon placement, students agree to the room assignment for the academic year with no option for room changes.

Rooming Options

There are three living options in the Global Village:

  • The first and most common is a double room within a suite. A student is matched with another Global Village resident.
  • The second is a double room within a suite and a student is paired with their preferred roommate. Both residents must submit a resident application and list their preferred roommate. Mutual requests will be honored to the best of our ability, but not guaranteed.
  • The final option is a single room (for an added cost) within a suite, with the explicit understanding that these rooms are extremely limited and cannot be guaranteed.
    You will also be asked to select male, female, or gender-neutral. You may select up to two options.
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