At Wake Forest University, we recognize that our students live, learn, and work in an increasingly interconnected and global society. By pursing an internationally-focused minor, students will acquire a global understanding of issues and become empowered to apply their knowledge within specific regional and thematic contexts.

Students may choose to study from the following interdisciplinary minors:

African Studies
Coordinator:  Associate Professor of History Nathan Plageman

East Asian Studies
Coordinator: Associate Professor of History Robert Hellyer

Global Trade and Commerce Studies
Coordinator: Associate Provost and Kemper Professor of Business J. Kline Harrison

Contemporary Global Studies
Coordinator: Professor of Sociology Ian Taplin

For general inquiries, contact Jessica Francis

Latin American Studies
Director: Professor of Politics & International Affairs Peter Siavelis

Middle East and South Asia Studies
Coordinator: Professor of Politics & International Affairs Charles Kennedy

Associate Professor of Politics & International Affairs Michaelle Browers

Russian and East European Studies
Coordinator: Associate Professor of History Susan Rupp