Jessica Francis

Jessica Francis is the Director of Global Abroad in the Center for Global Programs and Studies, where she has worked for over ten years.  As an undergraduate, Jessica studied abroad in Galway, Ireland, Monterrey, Mexico, and Wellington, New Zealand. In addition to supporting all WFU students in their study away experience, Jessica has focused on WFU semester programs, and supporting underrepresented students within the field of Education Abroad.

Michael Tyson

Michael Tyson is the Assistant Director for Study Abroad: Summer and Short-Term Programs. He has been with Wake Forest for 10 years, helping faculty develop and deliver abroad programs and advising students in all things study abroad. Some of Mike’s international experiences include living with a host family in Germany as a junior in high school, studying in London for a semester, and teaching English to college students in Oaxaca, Mexico. He has traveled to over 30 countries. He is passionate about helping students develop the tools to engage meaningfully with the local environment while traveling abroad.

Anna Marter

Anna Marter is Senior Study Abroad Advisor at the Center for Global Programs and Studies working with students on affiliate programs. She holds a Masters Degree in International Education. She was born in Ukraine and her abroad experiences include study abroad in Ireland and volunteering on organic farms in Australia and New Zealand. Her goals for cross cultural engagement include understanding how culture shapes one’s values and fostering the cross cultural communication skills that are necessary in a globalized world.

Taylor Burdette

Taylor Burdette is a Study Abroad Advisor focusing on WFU programs, and has been working in the Center for Global Programs and Studies for the past four years. She is currently participating in Wake’s Liberal Studies master’s program. Taylor studied abroad in London and at Lancaster University in northern England as an undergraduate at Gettysburg College. She enjoys assisting students with their study away plans, and finds it especially rewarding to see how they transform during their program and then frame their global experiences after their time off campus.

Ashley Brookes

Ashley Brookes (she/her) is a Study Abroad Advisor at the Center for Global Programs and Studies, working with affiliate semester programs and Community-Based Global Learning programs. She grew up in a multicultural household (German mother and American father) and is originally from southern Maine. Ashley holds a Bachelor’s degree in Globalization Studies from Gettysburg College and a Master’s degree in International Higher Education from Boston College. In college, she studied abroad in Uganda and Rwanda and has been fortunate enough to continue international travel both personally and professionally. In her work, Ashley is passionate about helping students realize the value in cross cultural engagement by expanding viewpoints and perspectives and learning the skills needed to thrive in diverse communities and cultures.

Marcia Crippen

Marcia Crippen is a Study Abroad Advisor focusing on WFU Programs, particularly the Houses, programs in Salamanca and Dijon, and the Wake Washington and Wake West programs. She holds a Master’s Degree in International Education from Old Dominion University and is currently pursuing a Doctorate of Education in Educational Leadership from UNC Charlotte. Marcia studied abroad as a high school senior in Ireland, taught English abroad post-graduation in Brazil for several months and has co-led the Community-Based Global Learning Programs in Thailand, Cambodia, and Ecuador. She enjoys the opportunity to help students learn and grow before, during, and after their experiences abroad through the cross-cultural engagement courses and other resources available through the Center for Global Programs and Studies.