For successful application all prospective Resident Professors are encouraged to speak with the Program Director and recent Resident Professors.

A complete program proposal consists of the following:

  • Letter of Application
  • CV
  • Endorsement from Chair

Each fall a call for applications is sent by J. Kline Harrison, Associate Provost for Global Affairs to the Full-time faculty of Wake Forest requesting applications. The call for applications includes London (Worrell House), Vienna (Flow House), Venice (Casa Artom), Chile (Southern Cone Program – spring only), Copenhagen (Global AWAKEnings), and Washington DC (Wake Washington).

To apply, faculty are invited to submit a letter of application and an abbreviated CV by the deadline. This letter should describe in reasonable detail the nature of the program you propose to offer. Also a letter or email from your department chair endorsing your application and approving your leave should be included. Faculty are encouraged to seek approval from their department chair at least one week prior to the deadline so that they will have ample time to compose a letter/statement of endorsement. (Note: joint applications from two faculty members will not be considered due to the complexities involved.)

When submitting an application, please note that two considerations will be primary. First, you will be required to teach two courses and these courses should be not only attractive to students, but also related to your presence in the country/city to which you will be assigned. (Please note that if you have teaching obligations beyond two courses each semester on campus, you will need to negotiate with your department chair regarding coverage of your additional course[s] while abroad). Second, you will be living either in a house or in close proximity with a number of undergraduate students, thus engaging them with more frequency and responsibility. Therefore, your ability to maintain helpful and respectful relationships with them will be essential. To serve as a resident professor is to be teacher, counselor, mentor, business manager, and coordinator—all at the same time. This is one of the reasons that the selection committee often gives preference to those faculty who have well-established records of teaching and working successfully with Wake Forest students.

Before applying, all applicants are encouraged to consult with the respective Program Directors.

If you are applying for more than one program, please submit a separate application for each one, thus enabling you to call attention to specific strengths you have for a particular program.