Development of the quality enhancement plan

Formulation of QEP Focus

July 2004 – Initial Leadership Team meeting
Sept 2004 – Leadership Team meets with the Curriculum Committee; Committee on Academic Planning
Sept 2004 – Dean Best shares SACS process with College Faculty and Board of Visitors
Nov 2004 – Leadership Team meets with Study Abroad Committee
Oct 2004 – Dean Best briefs the Board of Trustees: Committee on the College
Dec 2004 – Leadership Team explores potential ideas with Director of International Studies

QEP Construction: Focus on International Experience

Jan 2005 – QEP committee formed and begins work
Feb 2005 – QEP committee divides into two subcommittees: Assessment of Past Planning and Current International Experiences and QEP Development
Feb 2005 – Provost Gordon announces the focus of QEP at the College faculty meeting
Feb 2005 – QEP on international experience shared with Board of Trustees, Board of Visitors, and Parents’ Council (Gordon, Best)
Feb-Apr 2005 – Biweekly meetings of the two QEP subcommittees
April 2005 – QEP Web site constructed to share information and collect ideas from faculty
April 2005 – Formal presentation of QEP ideas to the College faculty (Muday, Welsh)
April 2005 – Focus groups with faculty and students to collect ideas for QEP
May-Aug 2005 – QEP draft construction
July 2005 – Discussion of QEP ideas with SACS representative, David Carter
July 2005 – Provost Gordon writes to all faculty members asking for input into the QEP
Sept-Oct 2005 – QEP Development Committee discusses and edits QEP draft
Sept 2005 – Presentation of QEP to WFU Student Leadership Conference (Gordon, Welsh)
Oct 2005 – Approval of QEP draft by QEP Development Committee
Oct 2005 – Complete QEP draft available for comment on QEP Web site
Nov 2005 – QEP discussion with Department Chairs, Committee on Academic Planning, University Senate, College, and Calloway faculty
Nov 2005 – Open forums for students and faculty
Dec 2005 – QEP updated with suggestions from the university community
Feb 2006 – QEP document completed