Group Non-Credit Forms

FOR Faculty/Staff Led Groups with Student Participants NOT FOR ACADEMIC CREDIT:

Wake Forest University requires all faculty or staff led groups involving student participants NOT FOR ACADEMIC CREDIT to complete the forms listed below. This includes programs at both the undergraduate and graduate level for group travel, research, campus recreation, international service trips and athletic team travel. The requirement extends to the Schools of Business, Divinity and Law, and the Graduate School (Reynolda Campus ONLY).

All Group leaders must provide all required forms and information to the Center for Global Programs and Studies (GPS) before any funds for international travel will be disbursed by Wake Forest University.

  1. Submit the GROUP Travel Information Form for Faculty/Staff Led Groups with Student Participants NOT FOR ACADEMIC CREDIT (PDF).  This form must have all the required signatures before group travel begins. Please read the GROUP International Travel Information Form carefully before signing.
  2. Submit the Guidelines for Faculty/Staff Directors (PDF).  This form must be completed and returned to GPS.  If there is more than one group leader, both must complete this form.
  3. Submit the Faculty/Staff Assumption of Risk & Release Form.  This form is required for all international travel if the international travel is voluntary or optional to your job.  The form is not required if the travel is an integral and required part of your job.  If traveling with another person (e.g. spouse or child), the form called Assumption of Risk & Release – OTHER Travelers (PDF) must be completed for each additional person.
  4. Submit a list of your group participants to GPS.  The list must include each student’s full name (first, middle and last), student ID and e-mail address.
  5. Submit a copy of your program itinerary with contact information to GPS.  If it is not available at the time you complete your forms, you must e-mail it to GPS as soon as it becomes available.
  6. Purchase the GeoBlue International Travel Insurance (mandatory).  The cost of GeoBlue insurance depends on the length of time abroad. The GeoBlue Price Grid provides information about the cost per student. Here is the detailed description of the policy: GeoBlue Policy. Complete the GeoBlue Registration Template and send it to  GPS in 116 Reynolda Hall or email The iNext travel insurance is no longer required, although it could be purchased in addition to the GeoBlue policy.
  7. Ensure each of your student participants completes the Student Assumption of Risk and Release Form and the Student Health Questionnaire (PDF) (group participants do not need to do the Individual Travel form).

Once the complete set of Group Leader forms has been received in the Center for Global Programs and Studies, the forms will be processed and copies will be sent to Financial & Accounting Services.  FAS will then be able to process claims for reimbursements.

If you have any questions, please contact the Center for Global Programs and Studies at 758-5938 or

Group leader(s) must notify GPS of any changes in participants.

Group leader(s) should contact the Center for Global Programs and Studies to arrange for an international security briefing for the group. Call 758-5938 or email