The health and safety of its students, faculty and staff is of utmost importance. For this reason, all individuals traveling on University-sponsored international travel must follow the International Travel Policy and submit a series of forms to the Center for Global Programs and Studies (GPS).

  • University-sponsored international travel includes any educational or business travel that is Wake Forest-sponsored, Wake Forest-administered, Wake Forest-organized, or conducted within one’s capacity as a representative of the University, regardless of credit or funding.
  • Wake Forest will not disburse funds for international travel until the required forms have been submitted and approved.
  • All required forms must be submitted at least one month before individual travel begins.


Select the form that is relevant for your upcoming travel:

Mandatory International Insurance

All students, faculty, and staff traveling internationally for Wake Forest University are required to have international insurance. 

Optional Trip Cancellation/Interruption Insurance

Travel Advisories & Security Briefings

All students, faculty and staff traveling internationally should be aware of U.S. State Department and CDC travel advisories and be prepared to receive a safety & security briefing, as needed.