Individual Student Traveler

Do I need to submit the INDIVIDUAL International Travel Forms?

Wake Forest University requires all Reynolda campus students traveling abroad on Wake Forest funds to complete the forms below. This includes students traveling to any international conference, research trip, or service trip for which they have received a scholarship or grant paid by or through Wake Forest. (If your grant is being handled through the WFU grants office, you must complete this process). Individual student travelers must provide all required forms and information to the Center for Global Programs and Studies (GPS) before any funds for international travel will be disbursed by Wake Forest University. All required forms and information must be submitted to the Center for Global Programs and Studies at least one month before individual travel begins.

WFU prohibits travel to countries where the U.S. Department of State has Travel Advisories of Level 3 (Reconsider Travel) and Level 4 (Do Not Travel) unless prior approval has been obtained from GPS. A current list of travel advisories is available at Faculty, staff and students may submit a request to travel to a country with a designated Level 3 (Reconsider Travel) or Level 4 (Do Not Travel), but should be aware that such requests require additional time for review and that each application is considered on its own merits.

If you have any questions, please contact the Center for Global Programs and Studies at 336-758-5938.


  1. Submit the INDIVIDUAL Student International Travel Form (PDF). This form must have all the required signatures before individual travel begins. Please read the INDIVIDUAL Student International Travel Information Form carefully before signing.
  2. Submit the Student Assumption of Risk and Release Form. If you plan to travel with another person (e.g. spouse or child), the form called Assumption of Risk & Release – OTHER Travelers (PDF) must be completed for each additional person.
  3. Submit the Student Health Questionnaire (PDF).
  4. Purchase international health insurance (mandatory).  All WFU Reynolda Campus students traveling abroad individually on Wake Forest funds are required to purchase the GeoBlue International Health Insurance Policy. Visit the GeoBlue Price Grid for information about costs. Students should fill out the GeoBlue Application Form for Students and submit it to the Center for Global Programs and Studies. Students participating in a WFU-administered study abroad program will have the GeoBlue policy included in their study abroad program costs. This requirement will be waived for WFU students participating in an Affiliate study abroad program that has insurance coverage equivalent to the GeoBlue policy.
  5. Attend an international security briefing. Contact the Center for Global Programs and Studies at 336-758-5938 for more information on this mandatory meeting.

Once the complete set of forms listed above has been received in the Center for Global Programs and Studies, the forms will be processed and copies will be sent to Financial & Accounting Services. FAS will then be able to process claims for reimbursements and release of scholarships, grants, etc.

Students are requested to notify GPS of any changes to the itinerary or contact information.