Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the goal of the Global Laureates Academy?

    The Global Laureates Academy is a network of faculty, staff and students who aim to make an impact on the Wake Forest University community by exploring topics and challenges associated with the 5 global learning threads. After participating in a series of seminars and workshops, members will address a variety of challenges through collaborative capstone projects aimed at increasing our global campus community.

  • Why was the Global Laureates Academy created?

    The GLA is one of 4 initiatives that came out of the 2016 QEP (university’s 10 year quality enhancement plan). Through a series of focus groups, which included faculty, staff and students from all disciplines and both the College and Graduate and Professional Schools, the GLA was born out of what the committee believed was a need for a collaborative program that would bring the campus together in a global focus. The GLA was established to encourage learning and collaborations among faculty, staff, and students.

  • Who can join the Global Laureates Academy?

    Any student, faculty or staff member at WFU is eligible to apply to the GLA. Students may apply at any stage, but will need at least 4 semesters to complete the program.

  • What if I am studying or teaching abroad? Can I be a part of the academy?

    Students and faculty studying or teaching abroad will be able to participate virtually for one semester. For students and faculty planning to be abroad for longer than one semester, we encourage you to apply after you return to campus.

  • How many participants are in a cohort each year?

    Each cohort will consist of 20-25 participants and will be comprised of faculty, staff, and students.

  • What are the 5 Global Learning Threads?
    • Intercultural Inquiry: Interpret global events, values, and practices from multiple cultural perspectives. 
    • Self Awareness: Explain how their own perspectives and experiences influence their understanding of other cultures. 
    • Community Interaction: Collaborate across diverse cultures and settings to address complex global challenges. 
    • Intercultural Communication: Negotiate intercultural interactions using appropriate verbal and nonverbal communication skills. 
    • Global Responsibility: Formulate solutions to global challenges through informed decision-making and reflection. 
  • If I am a faculty or staff member, does this require supervisor or department chair approval?

    Supervisor or department chair approval must be obtained to participate.

  • What is the time commitment?

    The program will take approximately 4 semesters. During this time, participants must individually attend 5 workshops aligned with the global learning threads. Participants will also meet as a cohort four times in the first year to explore global topics and challenges relevant to our campus community. During the second year, participants will either work individually, or as a group to develop and implement a capstone project that will impact our global campus community.

  • Is a special course needed for the GLA?

    There is not a special academic course; however students, faculty and staff will learn together in the required seminars, and through a selection of workshops.

  • If I am a faculty or staff who has completed other professional development training, can I count other workshops towards GLA?

    Faculty and staff can “grandfather” workshops that are included on the GLA matrix (see program website). Each workshop will require a written reflection of what was learned as it relates to one of the 5 global learning threads. In addition to the 5 independently attended workshops, faculty and staff are required to attend all 4 seminars with their assigned cohort.

  • How will you know that I participated in the seminars and workshops?

    All 5 workshops will require a written reflection to be submitted to the GLA staff. Attendance will be taken at all seminars.

  • Do I need to complete the independent workshops in one semester?

    The program is based on a cohort moving together throughout the program. It should take about 4 semesters to complete. Independent workshops must be completed in the first year.

  • What if I cannot make one of the seminars or workshops?

    We will be running a live Webex during the seminars. Participants may log in join during the time of the seminar. There is also an option to view the seminar online at your convenience. This option will require a meeting with one of the GLA staff to discuss the content of the seminar. If a student misses a workshop, they can contact a GLA staff member to find an alternative workshop that meets the requirements.

  • What does a capstone project look like?

    A capstone project may be done by an individual or a group of faculty, staff, and/or students. This is an opportunity for faculty, staff and students to collaborate. The capstone project can be developed and implemented on any subject that will impact the global mindset of Wake Forest. Participants will present capstone project ideas to the GLA advisory board for approval. After completion, the capstone projects will be presented at the W.I.S.E. conference, URECA or another university sponsored event.

  • Is there funding available to support capstone projects?

    Yes! There is funding available to support either individual or group capstone projects. Budgets must be submitted with project proposals prior to beginning a project. Funds can be used in a variety of ways to assist in the completion of the project (e.g., travel, supplies, marketing, etc.). Project proposals and budgets are reviewed and approved by the GLA Advisory Board.

  • What will I receive for participating in the Global Laureates Academy?

    There will be a recognition ceremony with a certificate and gift for the graduates of the GLA. Along with recognition on our GLA webpage, the names of graduates will be listed in the Dean’s Digest, Parents Newsletter, Provost’s Newsletter, or other WFU publications.

  • What are the incentives for faculty/staff/students?

    Although there are no individual stipends for participating in the GLA, there are funds available for developing and implementing capstone projects – either as individuals or as collaborative groups. These funds can be used in a variety of ways to assist in the completion of the project (e.g., travel, supplies, marketing, etc.).

  • If I am a student, can I get academic credit for participating in the GLA?

    At this time, students cannot receive credit for participating in the GLA.

  • How do I apply to the Global Laureates Academy?

    Apply now on the GLA website at

  • Who do I contact for more information about the Global Laureates Academy?

    For more information about the GLA, contact Kim Snipes ( or 336-758-5806).