Both the Wake Forest University mission and strategic plan emphasize the need for strengthening the global mindset of students, faculty, and staff both within the basic disciplines of human knowledge and through applying and using that knowledge in the service of humanity.

The assessment plan was developed in collaboration with several university offices and departments and included representation from the College faculty, the Teaching and Learning Center, Institutional Research, Office of Residence Life and Housing, and Global Affairs.


The assessment plan is designed to answer the question: to what extent does student, faculty, and staff participation in the four key initiatives (Arrive@Wake, Global AWAKEnings, Global Laureates Academy, and Global Villages) contribute to their ability to:

  • interpret global events, values, and practices from multiple cultural perspectives?
  • explain how their own perspective and experiences influence their understanding of other cultures?
  • collaborate across diverse cultures and settings to address complex global challenges?
  • negotiate intercultural interactions using appropriate verbal and nonverbal communication skills? and
  • formulate solutions to global challenges through informed decision-making and reflection?

Assessment of each initiative includes quantitative and qualitative measures as well as both direct and indirect measures of participant learning outcomes.