QEP Initiative: Global Connections


Global Connections is a three-part program for incoming international students during their first year as an undergraduate at Wake Forest University. This yearlong academic program focuses on improving students’ communication skills through speaking, writing, and connecting with the campus community.


Tara Grischow
Program Coordinator for Global Connections
Center for Global Programs & Studies
Wake Forest University

Student Learning Outcomes


Students will be able to explain how their own perspectives and experience influence their understanding of other cultures.

Intercultural Communication

Students will be able to negotiate intercultural interactions using appropriate communication skills.

Global Connections Assessment

The COVID-19 pandemic precluded Global Connections for the 2020-2021 Academic Year

Graphic: 2019 2020 Global Connections assessment results

QEP Y3 Assessment visual report of Global Connections interview scores

QEP Y3 Assessment visual report of Global Connections survey scores

Graphic: 2017 2018 Global Connections assessment results

Global Connections