Cultivating a global campus community at Wake Forest University is one of the six pillars of President Hatch’s administration and is the foundation of WFU’s 2016-2025 Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP).

To develop a global campus community, the QEP is designed to help enhance faculty, staff, and students’ global mindset.

To achieve our mission, we assess the four QEP initiatives listed below. We also assess a cohort of Wake Forest students not involved in the initiatives to determine the degree to which initiative participants develop a global mindset as well as to what their degree their change in global mindset might diffuse to all Wake Forest students.

The global mindset is composed of five constructs, which represent the learning outcomes of the QEP: intercultural inquiry, self-awareness, community interaction, intercultural communication, and global responsibility.


Nelson Brunsting, PhD
Director of Global Research and Assessment

Patrick Bingham
Research Coordinator


Student Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to…

  • Interpret global events, values, and practices from multiple cultural perspectives.
  • Explain how their own perspectives and experiences influence their understanding of other cultures.
  • Collaborate across diverse cultures and settings to address complex global challenges.
  • Negotiate intercultural interactions using appropriate verbal and nonverbal communication skills.
  • Formulate solutions to global challenges through informed decision-making and reflection.

QEP Initiatives

Global AWAKEnings

Global AWAKEnings

The four key initiatives include a cultural learning program for incoming international students, a first-year abroad opportunity, a global living and learning community, and a global honors program focused on global competency and development. Collectively, participation in the QEP initiatives will lead to the development of a global campus community.

Five-Year QEP Impact Report

Click here to download the WFU Five-Year QEP Impact Report