2016 Quality Enhancement Plan

The Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) for Wake Forest University will focus on Transcending Boundaries: Building a Global Campus Community. Stemming from our tradition of liberal arts education, our mission to be a vibrant and diverse learning community, and our history of global programs and studies, we seek to surpass our previous successes in education abroad.

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Through this QEP, we will create a global campus community that is defined, not by place or cohort, but by a shared set of norms and values, and characterized by global mindsets. This community will be catalyzed by liberal arts education emphasizing intercultural inquiry, self-awareness, community interaction, intercultural communication and global responsibility.

As a result of our collaboratively identified student learning outcomes, we will launch four initiatives, each encompassing dimensions of liberal learning:

  • Global Connections to facilitate the ease and success of transition across cultures
  • Global AWAKEnings to develop global mindsets through a first-year abroad program
  • Global Villages to create living and learning communities focused on global mindedness
  • Global Laureates Academy to provide opportunities for enhancing  global mindsets through our curricular and co-curricular programs.

Complementing these initiatives will be a version of the Global Laureates Academy for faculty and staff that promotes the development and enhancement of their global mindsets.

Concerted execution and assessment of these initiatives will allow us to more accurately and precisely measure their impact, and then make any necessary modifications or adjustments towards the collective vision of a Global Wake Forest.

QEP Timeline


QEP Development Committees

  • Inbound

    Luis Gonzalez | Associate Professor of Spanish | Division II
    Dick Schneider | Professor of Law | Law School
    Brad Jones | Dean of the Graduate School | Graduate School
    Mengya Li | Class of 2016 | Student
    Andrew Smith | Program Coordinator | Global Programs and Studies
    Michelle Klosterman | Dir. of Academic Development | GPS
    Anne Boyle | Professor of English | Writing Program
    Martha Allman | Dean of Admissions | Admissions Office
    Catherine Ross | Director | Teaching and Learning Center
    Wesley Harris | Interim Director | Office of Multicultural Affairs

  • Outbound

    Carole Gibson | Professor of Biology | Division V
    Simeon Ilesamni | Professor of Religion | Division I
    Amy Walls | Professor of Practice | School of Business
    Neal Walls | Associate Professor | School of Divinity
    Harsh Patolia | Class of 2016 | Student
    David Finn | Professor of Art | Division III
    Mary Wayne-Thomas | Professor of Theatre | Division III
    Peter Kairoff | Professor of Music | WFU Abroad Programs
    David Taylor | Director of Global Abroad Programs | GPS
    Jessica Francis, Assoc. Director of Global Abroad Programs | GPS
    Tim Auman | University Chaplain | Chaplain’s Office
    Mary Gerardy | Assoc. VP/Dir. Pro Humanitate Institute | Campus Life

  • Within Bounds

    Leigh Stanfield | Dir. of Global Campus Programs | GPS
    Jose Villalba | Assoc. Dean Fac. Rec./Div./Inc. | Dean of the College
    Brook Davis | Assoc. Professor of Theatre | Division III
    Ian Taplin | Professor of Sociology | Division IV
    Penny Rue | Vice President | Campus Life
    Lauren Corbett | Director of Resource Services | ZSR Library
    Shayla Herndon-Edmunds | Manager of Diversity Education | ODI
    Allison McWilliams | Dir. of Mentoring | OPCD
    Angela Mazaris | Dir. of LGBTQ Center | ODI
    Candelas Gala | Prof. Romance Languages | Lang. Across the Curriculum
    Lauren Formica | Class of 2016 | Student