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When undergoing a process as encompassing of our community as the QEP, it is important both to understand students’ perspectives on theme and initiatives and to learn how we can continue to grow as a global campus community. We asked students two questions about Transcending Boundaries: Building a Global Campus Community, and their answers are below.

In your eyes, what is a global campus community?

“I believe that a global campus community is a comfortable space in which individuals can learn about new cultures in a manner that highlights the whole notion of cross-cultural engagement. Global campus citizens are culturally competent individuals who not only strive for common understanding among different cultures but also mentor and teach those who want to learn more about the world” – Harsh Patolia, Biophysics, Class of 2016

“In my opinion, a global campus community is where you can easily see people with different nationalities hanging out and having conversations together. People on campus respect each other’s religion and race and could step out to help others” – Wenjin (Wendy) Wu, Undecided, Class of 2019

What do you hope WFU will do to continue to curate a global campus community?

“I would like to see a focus on bringing in globally-minded faculty, staff, and students to grow our knowledge base; push to create programs, classes, and co-curricular opportunities that are university-wide which focus on educating the whole person on global-mindedness; and produce globally-minded members of the Wake Forest community that share this knowledge with others outside the WFU bubble” – Lauren Formica, Economics, Class of 2016

“A global campus community is centered on bringing the global to the campus, not necessarily vice-versa. The inherent physical and behavioral limitations of globalizing the students on a remote campus in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, requires coordination to connect those with international experiences on campus with those that do not possess such experiences, but who are on campus” – Student preferred to remain anonymous

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