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WISE Conference Steering Committee

Steve Folmar (not pictured)
Associate Professor of Applied Cultural Anthropology
Wake Forest University

Ann Cunningham 
Associate Professor of Education
Wake Forest University

Andrew Smith 
Adjunct Instructor, English Language Skills Enhancement (ELSE) program
Wake Forest University

Prudence Layne (not pictured)
Associate Professor of English
Elon University

Leigh Hatchett Stanfield (Chair
Executive Director for Global Engagement & Administration
Wake Forest University


WISE Planning Team

Center for Global Programs & Studies at Wake Forest University

Leigh Hatchett Stanfield (Chair
Executive Director for Global Engagement & Administration

Sandra Lisle McMullen 
Assistant Director for Global Campus Programs

Kim Snipes 
Project Assistant, Global Campus Programs

Kara Rothberg 
Project Coordinator, Global Campus Programs

Taylor Burdette
Global Programs Assistant