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2024 Workshop Facilitators:

What’s Missing from your JEDIAB? Moving Beyond Representation in Intentional Development of Global Learning for Underrepresented Populations

Todd Lee Goen, Director of Global Education & Senior International Officer, Virginia Military Institute

Todd Lee Goen is Director of Global Education and Senior International Officer at Virginia Military Institute. He is active in AIEA, NAFSA, the Forum on Education Abroad, and the World Council on Intercultural and Global Competence. Todd previously held faculty appointments in Interpersonal and Intercultural Communication at Christopher Newport University, Purdue University Fort Wayne, and Clemson University. His most recent publication appears in the Journal of Global Initiatives: Policy, Pedagogy, Perspective. Todd earned a BA (Honors College Graduate) from Harding University, an MA from the University of Arkansas, and completed all coursework toward a PhD at the University of Georgia. He is the 2020 recipient of SSCA’s John I. Sisco Excellence in Teaching Award and the 2022 recipient of NAFSA’s Lily von Klemperer Award.

Todd has a variety of experiences with this workshop topic. As an instructor of intercultural communication, he has both theoretical and applied experience facilitating the development of global learning. With multiple experiences as a faculty-leader for short-term study abroad programs, he understands the role context plays in the development of global learning and the ways in which the integration of JEDIAB into the curriculum enhances global learning. His professional experiences as an advocate for JEDIAB work at primarily White institutions combined with his work with diverse constituents throughout the NAFSA Academy affords him experience working with a variety of populations to support global learning and JEDIAB. Further, Todd’s background includes time as both a faculty member and administrator focused on these issues.

Iuliia Hoban, Assistant Professor for Human Security and Resilience
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University – Worldwide

Iuliia Hoban, PhD is Assistant Professor for Human Security and Resilience (HSR) and Program Chair for the Master’s in HSR in the College of Arts and Sciences at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University – Worldwide. Iuliia is an experienced higher education professional with expertise in intercultural and global studies and experience in curriculum design, experiential learning, program design, student mentoring and advising, and teaching. Her research agenda is broadly focused on the politics of childhood and youth in conflict and peacebuilding settings, conflict resolution, and intercultural communication. Hoban holds a Ph.D. in Global Affairs from Rutgers University, a Masters in International Development from the Josef Korbel School of International Studies at the University of Denver along with certificate in Human Rights and Humanitarian Assistance, and a B.A. in History from the National University Kyiv-Mohyla Academy in Ukraine. She has applied her research skills in NGOs and think tanks such as Watchlist for Children and Armed Conflict (New York) and the Institute of World Policy (Kyiv, Ukraine).

Iullia’s with this workshop topic reach well beyond her classroom instruction. Her experiences as an international student studying in the US as well as her time working to support international students offer a unique perspective on both global learning as well as JEDIAB. She’s an advocate for refugee populations and international students.

Ebony Majeed, Director of International Students, Scholars and Programs,
Hampton University

Ebony returned to Hampton University to serve as the Director of International Students, Scholars and Programs. As Hampton U is her alma mater, she is proud to provide support to university administration in welcoming international students from around the world and preparing domestic students for profound international experiences. Previously she served as the Coordinator for Financial Operations and Advising at Christopher Newport University, assisting students and faculty in developing financial plans related to international programs and experiences. Prior to joining CNU she served as the Special Programs Advisor on the Global Education team at The College of William & Mary, supporting the Director of Global Education in developing and executing international programs with the Mason School of Business and the School of Education. As the Director of the Hampton University International Office for several years, she supported the vision of the University by increasing study abroad participation by more than 100% and increased the variety of services offered to international students from more than 20 countries around the world.

Ebony’s experiences at primarily White institutions as well as historically Black colleges and universities gives her a unique perspective to global learning and JEDIAB. A lifelong advocate for JEDIAB, her professional experience as a representative for this work with major professional associations in IE affords her the ability to speak to the ways in which strategies need to shift based on institution type as well as goals.

Dynamic Exercises to Shift Debriefing Time from Mundane to Transformative

Annette Benson, Senior Public Relations Consultant, Center for Intercultural Learning, Mentoring and Research (CILMAR), Purdue University

Annette (she/her) serves as the Senior Public Relations Consultant for the Center for Intercultural Learning, Mentorship, Assessment and Research (CILMAR) at Purdue University. She oversees external communication outreach for CILMAR and manages the Intercultural Learning Hub (hubicl.org), a searchable digital repository of intercultural learning tools and research. She holds an MS in Strategic Communication with an emphasis in global communication from the Brian Lamb School of Communication at Purdue University.

Alankrita Chhikara, PhD, Clinical Post-Doctoral Associate, CILMAR/Purdue University

Alankrita received her PhD in Curriculum Studies at Purdue University in 2023, where she focused her dissertation research on Ikeda/Soka studies in education. She was the Senior Student Representative for Curriculum Studies at the American Educational Research Association and served as Vice-President of the Purdue Curriculum and Instruction Graduate Student Association. She holds a graduate degree in Educational Leadership and Societal Change from Soka University of America, where she co-organized the World Summit of Education inspired by Daisaku Ikeda’s 1996 Columbia University lecture.

Kelsey Patton, Intercultural Learning Specialist, CILMAR/Purdue University

After completing her BA in Communication and French, Kelsey Patton began a career in international education, assisting students in their study abroad application process and then engaging alumni as they adjusted back to life in their home culture. There, she learned the importance of intercultural learning, debriefing, and mentorship and transitioned to graduate school at Purdue to pursue her Master’s degree in Intercultural Communication and Mentorship. There she had the opportunity to serve as a Graduate Assistant at CILMAR and developed a passion for facilitating intercultural learning activities and dialogue across differences within and between student groups.

On-Site Readiness for Intercultural Interaction

Elizabeth “Jody” Natalle, Associate Professor Emeritus of Communication Studies, UNC-Greensboro

Jody has a Ph.D. in communication theory from Florida State University. She is an Associate Professor Emeritus of Communication Studies at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro where she created courses in intercultural communication, served on the UNCG International Advisory Committee for 25 years, and directed study abroad in Sweden. Dr. Natalle also created and facilitated multiple Global Engagement Summer Institutes for faculty at UNCG, designed study abroad courses, and has guest lectured at universities in Finland and Sweden.  In addition to being an IDI Qualified Administrator, she has worked with graduate students and faculty to increase intercultural competence through workshop training. Dr. Natalle has supervised graduate student study abroad in Finland, honors thesis research in Denmark, and hosted a Russian post-doctoral colleague in women’s studies at UNCG. She is dedicated to deepening cultural understanding through communication and lived experience.

Irma Alarcón, Associate Professor of Spanish and Linguistics, Wake Forest University.

Irma teaches courses in Hispanic linguistics, psycholinguistics and TESOL linguistics, as well as Spanish grammar for both second language learners and heritage speakers of Spanish. Her Language and Society course offers an introduction to the study of Spanish sociolinguistics, focusing on core issues about language use in social contexts in Spanish-speaking communities. These issues include how language is affected by socio-economic status, gender, and age; how attitudes and ideologies influence language; the effects of governmental language policies and planning; and the increasingly close links between language and identity. Irma has extensive experience with study abroad programs in both Spain and Latin America. She has been the resident professor for the WFU Salamanca Spanish immersion program for five semesters, and for four summers was a co-director of a language program in Valencia, Spain for high school honors students from the U.S. Additionally, Irma has taught summer courses in an M.A. program for American teachers in Guanajuato, México, and has served as the academic director of the WFU Southern Cone program in Santiago and Buenos Aires.

Promoting Intercultural Connections and Learning through Virtual Exchange

Nikki Mattson, Applied Linguistics Teaching Professor, Penn State University

Nikki is a Teaching Professor in Applied Linguistics at Penn State University with 15+ years of experience in international education. She has a strong record of demonstrated success in establishing and managing funded, joint educational programs between PSU and international institutions of higher education
including Ecuador, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Saudi Arabia. Ms. Mattson is also the Global Learning Coordinator (GLC) for EDGE/COIL at PSU, and she regularly supports faculty and administrators in planning, implementing, and assessing virtual exchange projects

Tiffany MacQuarrie, Professor in charge of Experiential Digital Global Engagement (EDGE), Penn State University

Tiffany is an Associate Teaching Professor of English and Professor in Charge of Experiential Digital Global Engagement (EDGE) at the Pennsylvania State University, and has been working in global education since 2016. MacQuarrie has partnered with faculty from Israel, Kazakhstan, Brazil, and Russia to develop EDGE collaborative projects for her students. Under MacQuarrie’s leadership, Penn State faculty from 14 Penn State campuses have partnered together with 36 international institutions from 24 countries to develop EDGE collaborative projects for their students. MacQuarrie thrills at the challenge of merging 21st-century learning practices with global strategies to best equip and prepare our students to live and work in a global society.

Meredith Doran, Director of English for Professional Purposes Intercultural Center (EPPIC), Penn State University

Meredith is an Associate Teaching Professor in Applied Linguistics at Penn State University. She has several decades of experience in intercultural education as a foreign language educator, study abroad program director, and faculty partner in intercultural exchange (COIL) projects involving both teaching and research. She currently serves as director of EPPIC, a research and service center that works with multilingual students and scholars on advanced academic communication, and promotes engaged intercultural communication and global learning across the Penn State community.

Noel Habashy, Assistant Teaching Professor, International Agriculture Minor, Penn State University

Noel is an Assistant Teaching Professor of International Agriculture at Pennsylvania State University. He is an educator who is committed to the holistic development of students and communities locally and around the globe. He has lived in five countries and worked in or traveled to over 30 others during his 15-year career in international development, international education and higher education. He has lead COIL programs with colleagues at universities in Russia and Colombia.

Paying Attention: Increased Engagement and Mental Health Promotion Abroad through Mindfulness Practices

Ashley Hawkins Parham, Director of the Office of Wellbeing, Wake Forest University

Ashley graduated from the College of Charleston’s Honors College with a BS in Psychology and Wake Forest’s Master’s in Experimental Psychology Program. She is a National-Board certified Health and Wellness Coach, Koru Mindfulness teacher, and Community Resiliency Model guide. Ashley creates and manages initiatives for the entire Wake Forest community to build resilience, prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion, and to elevate and amplify wellbeing in our communities.

Sean McGlynn, Institutional Relations Manager-Northeast, CET Academic Programs

Sean’s first study abroad experience was in Cork, Ireland, with his family when he was nine years old. He also spent five months studying in Buenos Aires, Argentina as an undergraduate at Plymouth State University and four summers as an On-Site Program Coordinator in Europe with a faculty-led architecture program from California Polytechnic State University. Sean recently received his MA in Sustainability from Wake Forest. He is an avid yogi and meditation practitioner. As a former Assistant Director of Study Abroad: Summer and Short-Term Programs at Wake Forest University, Sean introduced a variety of mindfulness programming, including mindfulness-themed pre-departure orientations, to the University’s study abroad students in collaboration with the Wellbeing Center.

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