2017 WISE Conference

Presentations & Schedule

Access the WISE 2017 Conference Program (pdf) to view the schedule, content, speakers, and more from this year’s meeting. WISE welcomed scholars from various universities and colleges for a dynamic meeting filled with motivational speakers, education sessions, workshops, and numerous networking opportunities. The 2017 conference offered the most concurrent sessions ever held at a WISE conference to date. Visit our Flickr album to view pictures of our event!

2017 WISE Registrant List Alpha by Last Name

2017 WISE Registrant List Alpha by Institution

Keynote, Schedules, and Presentation Materials:

  • Wednesday, February 8, 2017 [Pre-Conference]

    Ethnography Methods with In-Bound Students 

    Facilitator: Steve Folmar, Ph.D.  
    Wednesday, February 8, 2017, 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm

    This session focuses on the practical application of ethnographic methods to address intercultural issues with in-bound students.  Participants will workshop the following key competencies crucial for enhancing the educational experiences of inbound and non-traditional students: identifying critical spaces in which issues arise, the types of issues, strategies for uncovering and dealing with issues, including identifying how culture contributes to how we see intercultural issues.  Participants will practice/workshop the following skills: reflective observation and journaling; objective observation and journaling; identifying bias; open-ended interviewing; using appropriate follow-up questions; active listening; practical analysis.  Vivid, real life examples from ethnographic methods class (undergraduate) will serve to illustrate some points.  Participants are encouraged to engage deeply and genuinely, to ask questions, to comment and to participate in structured activities.  Handouts of valuable resources and of outlines of key concepts will be provided.

    Micro-Practices to Enhance Intercultural Competencies 

    Facilitator: Adriana Medina-López-Portillo, Ph.D.
    Wednesday, February 8, 2017, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

    This practical session addresses key competencies crucial for a successful study abroad experience. The competencies are description, observation, separating description from judgment, the ability to ask questions, flexibility, adaptation, keeping an open mind, engaging ambiguity, and being comfortable with discomfort. Participants will experience a micro-practice for each competency and will debrief using tools from Personal Leadership. During the workshop, situations will be created so that the participants practice what they are learning and receive immediate feedback. A segment of the workshop will be devoted to discussing how to facilitate and develop micro-practices to enhance intercultural competencies. This workshop is highly experiential. Full and authentic participation from participants is expected. The workshop brings to a practical level what can be abstract and lofty concepts. Handouts will be provided.

    Transformative Learning and Teaching I and II

    Mick Vande Berg and Tara Harvey will facilitate two related though separate workshops grounded in a common framework for intercultural learning and teaching. Both workshops are designed to allow participants to help students and themselves learn to interact more effectively and appropriately with culturally different others through developing four core intercultural competencies:

    • Increase awareness of our own characteristic ways of making meaning and acting in familiar and unfamiliar contexts;
    • Increase awareness of others’ ways of making meaning and acting in familiar and unfamiliar contexts;
    • Manage our emotions and thoughts in contexts that disorient & challenge us;
    • Bridge cultural gaps in those contexts: shift perspective, attune emotions and adapt our behavior in effective and appropriate ways.

    Each workshop will guide faculty & staff beyond traditional intercultural training approaches that aim to transform students merely through teaching them about, and immersing them in, “cultural differences.”  Participants in both workshops will take away a set of processes and practices they can apply to their own intercultural learning and teaching.

    Transformative Learning and Teaching I

    Facilitator: Tara Harvey, Ph.D
    Wednesday, February 8, 2017, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

    Tara’s workshop will focus largely on learning about and practicing the first two phases of this framework for developing core intercultural competencies. Faculty and staff who are relatively new to intercultural education are encouraged to attend this first workshop.

    Transformative Learning and Teaching II 

    Facilitator: Mick Vande Berg, Ph.D
    Wednesday, February 8, 2017, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

    Mick’s workshop will focus largely on learning about and practicing the framework’s third and fourth phases.  Participants who attended last year’s workshop or who have relatively more intercultural teaching and training experience are encouraged to attend this second workshop.

  • Thursday, February 9, 2017

    Keynote | 9:00 – 10:15 am

    Embedding Diversity and Inclusive Practices into Study Abroad and Experiential Learning 
    Amer Ahmed, Ed.D., Director of Intercultural Teaching and Faculty Development, University of Massachusetts – Amherst

    Ahmed (PDF)

    Concurrent Sessions, 10:45 am – 12:00 pm

    Gaining Evidence of the Impact of International Education through Assessment of Intercultural Competence
    Lead Presenter: Joyce Osland, San Jose State University
    Co-Presenters: Christopher Hightower, Texas Christian University; Martha Petrone, Miami University of Ohio

    Osland (PDF)

    Studying Abroad at Home: A Model of Domestic Student Acclimation in Highly International Programs
    Lead Presenter: Bridget Fletcher, Duke University
    Co-Presenter: Lorelle Babwah, Duke University Pratt School of Engineering

    The Language of Resilience and the Practice of an Emotional Passport in Study Abroad
    Lead Presenter:  Janice Abarbanel, Consultant Psychologist and Health Educator

    Abarbanel (PDF)

    Racial Consciousness in Global Education
    Lead Presenter: Prudence Layne, Elon University

    Layne (PDF)

    What Makes International Internships Effective?
    Lead Presenter: Catherine MacDermott, St. Edward’s University

    MacDermott (PDF)

    Intercultural Learning Strategies for the 21st Century: Revitalizing a Long-standing Study Abroad Immersion Program through Active Pedagogy and Action Research
    Lead Presenter: Davydd Greenwood, Cornell University
    Co-Presenters: Juan Muñoz, CASA-Seville Program; Marina Markot, Cornell University

    Greenwood (PDF) | Greenwood (JPG)

    Concurrent Sessions, 1:30 – 2:45 pm

    Turning Resistance into Engagement: Training Design for Transformative Learning
    Lead Presenter:  Janet Bennett, Intercultural Communication Institute

    Efforts to Enhance Intercultural Competence Among First-Year Students
    Lead Presenter: Nelson Brunsting, Wake Forest University
    Co-Presenter: Elizabeth Coder, Elon University

    Brunsting (PDF)

    Going with the Flow: Teaching Students to Be Adaptable and Resilient When Abroad
    Lead Presenter: Heather Hayton, Guilford College
    Co-Presenter: Jeremy Rinker, University of North Carolina-Greensboro

    Theory in Action: Study Abroad Program Design for Intercultural Competence Development
    Lead Presenter: Janelle Peifer, Agnes Scott College
    Co-Presenter: Elaine Meyer-Lee, Agnes Scott College

    Language Matters: Even in Non-Language Study Abroad Programs
    Lead Presenter: Rebecca Thomas, Wake Forest University

    Thomas (PDF)

    Concurrent Sessions, 3:15 – 4:30 pm 

    From Enclosure to Emergence: Assessing International Student Identity Development
    Lead Presenter: Melody Reichoff, Widener University

    Incentivizing Faculty-led Study Abroad and Intercultural Learning Outcomes:  A Grant Program Model  
    Lead Presenter: Michael Brzezinski, Purdue University
    Co-Presenter: Kris Acheson-Clair, Purdue University; Robert Cox, Purdue University

    Brzezinski (PDF)

    Mindfulness & Intercultural Learning from the Inside Out
    Lead Presenter: Tara Harvey, True North Intercultural
    Co-Presenter: Catherine Menyhart, CIEE

    Harvey (PDF)

    Global Citizenship, the Black Student, and Campus-Wide Strategies for Enhancing Global Learning Participation
    Lead Presenter: Jenaya Perdue, Western Kentucky University

    Perdue (PDF)

    Sports, Academics and Intercultural Learning: Study Abroad Classes for University Athletic Teams
    Lead Presenter: Mark Cryan, Elon University
    Co-Presenter: Carol Smith, Elon University

    Faculty-led Education Abroad in the Context of a Major Global Event: Intercultural Learning at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games
    Lead Presenter: Angie Edwards, Queens University of Charlotte
    Co-Presenters: Bob Page, Queens University of Charlotte; Joe Cornelius, Queens University of Charlotte

    Edwards (PDF)


  • Friday, February 10, 2017

    Concurrent Sessions, 9:00 – 10:15 am

    Employability of our Students: The Ultimate Outcome of International Education
    Lead Presenter: Joyce Osland, San Jose State University

    Osland (PDF)

    Time is of the Essence: Embedding Intercultural Learning in Short-Term and Faculty-Led Programs
    Lead Presenter: Elsa Maxwell, CIEE
    Co-Presenter: Sean McIntyre, CIEE Brazil

    Maxwell (PDF)

    The Role of Social Media Expectations in Study Abroad: Meet Them Where They Are!
    Lead Presenter: Claire Ziamandanis, The College of Saint Rose
    Co-Presenter: Andrea Haynes

    Ziamandanis (PDF)

    Forward Thinking Using Backward Design: Seven Steps to Designing Effective Intercultural Learning Curricula
    Lead Presenter: Tara Harvey, True North Intercultural

    Harvey (PDF)

    Making Connections: Linking the Distinct Value of Intercultural Learning and Global Understanding to Student Experiential Outcomes
    Lead Presenter: Elizabeth Fain, Winston-Salem State University
    Co-Presenter: Allison Calhoun, Winston-Salem State University

    Intercultural Competence for a Sustainable Planet: Principles, Practice and Outcomes
    Lead Presenter: Scott Blair, The EDUCATION ABROAD Network
    Co-Presenter: Craig Shealy, James Madison University

    Blair (PDF)

    Concurrent Sessions, 10:45 am – 12:00 pm

    Head, Heart, and Hands: Experiential Learning to Facilitate Intercultural Development
    Lead Presenter: Lauren Moloney-Egnatios, UC-Berkeley
    Co-Presenter: Jason Patent, UC-Berkeley

    Moloney-Egnatious (PDF)

    Developing Intercultural Competency Using A.S.K.S2 PLUS as Formative Assessment
    Lead Presenter: Charles Calahan, Purdue University
    Co-Presenter: Horane Holgate, Purdue University

    Calahan Presentation (PDF) | Calahan Assessment Handouts (PDF) | Calahan Intercultural Handouts (PDF)

    Learning Through Service: How Service Learning Influences Intercultural Learning and Cultural Competency
    Lead Presenter: Evan Small, Elon University
    Co-Presenter: Elizabeth Coder, Elon University

    Making Connections: Linking the Distinct Value of Intercultural Lessons Learned – Five years of Susquehanna University Global Opportunities Requirement
    Lead Presenter: Scott Manning, Susquehanna University
    Co-Presenters: David Imhoof, Susquehanna University; Christina Dinges, Susquehanna University

    Manning (PDF)

    Bridging the Power Divide: Building Solidarity Across Difference
    Lead Presenter: Julianna Gwiszcz, Arizona State University

    Learning Exchange: Students Developing Cultural Competence through Teaching Others
    Lead Presenter: Amy Wallis, Wake Forest University

    Wallis (PDF)

    Concurrent Sessions, 1:30 – 2:45 pm

    Worth the Investment? Liberal Arts Faculty Self-Assess the Transformative Impact of Leading Study-Abroad
    Lead Presenter: Prudence Layne, Elon University
    Co-Presenter: Sarah Glasco, Elon University

    Layne (PDF)

    Caught Off-Guard: Role Plays for Challenging Discussions
    Lead Presenter: Andrew Smith, Wake Forest University

    Smith (PDF)

    Mentoring for International Student Support
    Lead Presenter: Ananda Mitra, Wake Forest University

    Developing Cultural Awareness through International Teaching Experiences
    Lead Presenter: Michael Putman, University of North Carolina-Charlotte
    Co-Presenter: Erik Byker, University of North Carolina-Charlotte

    Putman (PDF)

    Storytelling and Role Playing Toward Intercultural Competence
    Lead Presenter: Melina Draper, Cornell University

    Draper (PDF)