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Presentations & Schedule

Access the WISE 2015 Conference Program (pdf) to view the schedule, content, speakers, and more from last year’s meeting.  The award winning conference brought together the most successful conference to date. WISE welcomed scholars from various universities and colleges for a dynamic meeting filled with motivational speakers, education sessions, workshops, and numerous networking opportunities.

Keynote, Schedules, and Presentation Materials:

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“Participating in WISE helped to solidify some ideas about the benefit and value of pre-trip planning and post-trip debriefing and reflection to students’ study abroad experiences. I had been working with colleagues here at Elon University on designing a set of pre-trip activities for students in a graduate program who would later take an international service-learning course. The international experiences in this course are short—about 10 days—and thus demand that students “hit the ground running.” Our thinking was that any advance intercultural preparation work that we could facilitate as faculty leaders would be beneficial to the students during the in-county portion of the course. After spending two days at WISE learning about the experiences of other faculty, programs, and institutions, I was even more convinced that we were on the right track with our ideas. Our work here at Elon had, at the time, been mostly focused on pre-trip activities and preparation. My experience at WISE was instrumental in also helping me see that post-trip work with students involved with international experiences can be just as important to their academic—and intercultural—growth.”

Phillip Motley, Assistant Professor of Visual Communication + Interactive Media, Elon University | WISE Participant